Reflection: High Expectations Propaganda Techniques Lesson 2: Citing Elements in Cartoons and Song Lyrics - Section 4: Independent Practice: Annotating Lyrics


It is NEVER a DULL moment when technology is being brought into the classroom. For majority of this unit, students have been studying the risks involved with WWII through poetry. It is here that students are stepping away from emotionally guided language and looking at how other perspectives can be similar or different in cartoons or songs written about this time. I love when students bridge their understandings from one lesson to the next. 

One thing that I was displeased about throughout this entire lesson was the amount of annotation some students did on the song lyrics. Students have been annotating for quite some time. Because I guide students on what to annotate, it is assumed that they will put in the effort that I do to gain deeper understandings or associations with the text. Students did follow my instruction (students working on Company B) but some just highlighted areas where war was mentioned in the song. Others, such as the students' annotation of Bugle Boy lyrics, annotated but left very little thoughts on paper. Once we had our share-out as a whole class, great conversation came from this activity. So while student papers were scarce with information, our conversation was full of rich details and meaning.

  High Expectations: Transitions from Text to Digital Medium Reflection
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Propaganda Techniques Lesson 2: Citing Elements in Cartoons and Song Lyrics

Unit 4: Risking it All
Lesson 10 of 14

Objective: SWBAT cite evidence from a cartoon and song that strongly supports perspectives of World War II.

Big Idea: Look over here & over there: It's World War II all over the place!

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