Reflection: Routines and Procedures An Introduction to Denotation & Connotation - Section 1: Starter


Every day when my students walk into class, there is a task displayed on the screen that they need to begin working on.  The tasks vary, but there is always something they need to get done immediately upon entering the room.  They may have to:


  • Copy the week's agenda off the board
  • Set up a sheet of paper for Cornell Notes
  • Clear their desks to get ready for an assessment
  • Review notes from the day before
  • Discuss a question with an elbow partner or small group


These tasks are not monumental, but they do serve an important purpose.  I want my students to know that they are here to work during class.  Whether or not the bell has rung, you are in my house, and we have things to do.

This really sets the tone in my room that our work is important, so important that you need to start it right now.

  Bell to Bell
  Routines and Procedures: Bell to Bell
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An Introduction to Denotation & Connotation

Unit 13: Introduction to Poetry
Lesson 2 of 12

Objective: SWBAT determine the connotative meanings of words by defining and discussing connotation.

Big Idea: Today we focus on meaning that can't be found in a dictionary...

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