Reflection: Building Towers - Section 4: Lesson Wrap Up


I asked the two students (see video in this section) to share with the class the two different ways that they were using the twenty frame.  This was a natural way of introducing the idea of counting on and the higher level skill of know 5+5=10, so 5+4=9.  Later on in the discussion (not filmed) I also had students demonstrating the counting all strategy to the group as well.  I don't want the students who are using that approach to feel it isn't an appropriate one at this time.  However, I noticed more and more kids coming up to model the counting on approach as the discussion/whole group game continued.  


  Section Reflection
  Section Reflection
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Building Towers

Unit 3: Counting & Comparing
Lesson 1 of 7

Objective: SWBAT count a set of up to 20 objects by 1's. SWBAT use number names and written numbers to label the quantities they represent. SWBAT order a set of numbers and quantities up to 12.

Big Idea: Get out your toolboxes and heavy machinery because today your are going to be Building Towers! Using vocabulary words like least,greatest, and "in order," the students will build cube towers of designated heights and then be asked to put them in order

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