Reflection: High Expectations Noting the Character, Setting, and Events - Section 4: Independent Practice


Being a teacher, especially a teacher of primary students, one of the key survival words is "flexible".  In today's lesson I had planned to use the I Think About Important Events in Stories activity sheets with the modifications that my students suggested the day before.  I was expecting that because my students worked on this activity sheet in small groups the day before, they would be able to work on them today independently.  For the most part, yes they could, however, I had a small group who still found the activity sheet daunting.  I wanted them to feel successful at the activity and be able to finish the task independently, so I took a step back and found that the HM practice book page that corresponded to the reading was very similar to the I Think About Important Events in Stories activity sheet.  The two students featured in the picture were able to finish their work and felt good about it.

  Independent Work
  High Expectations: Independent Work
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Noting the Character, Setting, and Events

Unit 4: Characters, Problems, and Solutions
Lesson 3 of 5

Objective: SWBAT describe the characters, setting, and major events in a story.

Big Idea: Help your students see beyond the abstract by asking specific questions.

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