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In this lesson the student responses that surprised me were equating Morse to a 'bully' and deciding at the end he was 'responsible'.  I never had students make such comments.  Then I started thinking about it and realized that my students were not only listening to the story and looking at the pictures, but going back further in their memories and thinking about the rules for our School Wide Discipline Plan.  They were making a connection to their schema- which is a good thing- in that my students were paying attention to all the school rule assemblies and anti bully door decorating contests.  However, at the same time our focus for this lesson was on 'drawing on specific details in the text'.  At times like this it is a good idea to add a mini lesson, even if improvised.  I took a moment for a 'mini lesson' to explain Morse was being more silly than mean, and pointed out text from the story where he was saying silly things or acting silly.  I also pointed out that bullies are usually not responsible, like Morse was at the end, and admit their mistakes.

  What Surprised Me
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: What Surprised Me
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Character Personality

Unit 4: Characters, Problems, and Solutions
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Objective: SWBAT identify the personality traits of the main character in a read-aloud

Big Idea: It’s all about personality: your students will be introduced to the richness characterization and personality brings to a literary text.

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