Reflection: Relevance Responses to The Communist Manifesto: Disecting Arguments - Section 3: Disecting Logical Arguments


So, if you are ever in my classroom, you will likely see me trying to come up with examples to explain a concept or idea. Whenever I have to do this on the fly, I inevitably come up with the strangest example, usually involving hobbits or other fantasy creatures. Today's example of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West is proof of what can happen when I'm put on the spot to explain things.

The good news is, this helps to keep our discussions relevant and interesting to students. I may end up looking a little crazy, but I think all great teachers are those who show their personalities as often as they can.

Additionally, and unexpectedly, the silliness helped my students to understand what I was asking them to do with RI.9-10.3 and RI.9-10.8 because the information I was using was relevant to what they think about/talk about outside of class. Giving them something modern and universally understood (at least by teenagers) helped them to have a stronger understanding of how a logical argument is constructed. This translated nicely into their work with Marx's arguments as they were able to model their statements off the model statements I provided. 

  Ridiculous Examples
  Relevance: Ridiculous Examples
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Responses to The Communist Manifesto: Disecting Arguments

Unit 12: Informational Text: Craft and Structure Analysis
Lesson 8 of 9

Objective: SWBAT analyze how an author unfolds an argument paying specific attention to order of evidence by deconstructing the logical arguments of the Communist Manifesto.

Big Idea: Marx is very logical in his reasoning. Today we will analyze how and why he presents his ideas about a Communist system.

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