Reflection: Building Towers - Section 3: Center Time


While I was walking around observing students playing both station activities, I saw a team playing 20 Beans.  The team was using the 20 Frame in two different ways.  One of the students (the girl) was using it to count on from 5 and the boy was using his knowledge of 10 to solve for 9.  The video below reflects their thinking.  I also had them share their thinking with the class in the lesson wrap up (there is a separate video for that).


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Building Towers

Unit 3: Counting & Comparing
Lesson 1 of 7

Objective: SWBAT count a set of up to 20 objects by 1's. SWBAT use number names and written numbers to label the quantities they represent. SWBAT order a set of numbers and quantities up to 12.

Big Idea: Get out your toolboxes and heavy machinery because today your are going to be Building Towers! Using vocabulary words like least,greatest, and "in order," the students will build cube towers of designated heights and then be asked to put them in order

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