Reflection: Unit Planning Where the River Runs - One Families Emigration to America - Section 1: Creating the Purpose


I chose this book because of the important story line, the graphic explanations of the hardships and triumphs faced by this refugee family and because of their realistic depiction of the lives of other refugees and emigrants to our country. Watch the video for more information on the purpose for my book choice - I highly recommend it!


  purpose for book choice
  Unit Planning: purpose for book choice
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Where the River Runs - One Families Emigration to America

Unit 8: Emigrants - Immigrants - Refugees...all are welcome here!
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Objective: SWBAT...describe and analyze the difficulties faced by the emigrant family in "Where the River Runs".

Big Idea: Compassion is created through understanding and connections.

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English / Language Arts, prediction, charts, immigration, group discussion / problem solving with supported inferences
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where the river
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