Reflection: Trust and Respect Okonkwo's Ties to Family and Communtiy Late 19th Century Nigeria - Section 1: Let's Get Started: Who is in the Picture and What is She Doing?


Where is the line when it comes to how much personal information a teacher should share with s/her students? 

  I feel I have to be willing to share parts of my life with my students if I expect them to share with me.  I also recognize I have to go beyond telling them that I was six when Star Wars came out in theaters and it was the first movie I ever saw that was not a cartoon.  However, if feel I have to plan what I am going to say or I will just ramble and possibly stumble into an area I really don't want to share.  

When talking about literature and life it is easy for students to self-disclose more than you expect to her, but as the adult in the room...the line of appropriate topics may get blurry. So, by allowing students to set the agenda by creating questions, I avoid rambling and stay focused on what is of interest to my students. 

I know reads more like a rationale than a reflection.  However I developed this method for introducing my experiences in West Africa after years of reflecting on what worked and what did not. 

I will tell you what we got passed the what did you do, what was it like over there, and would you do it again, most students were curious about polygamy, food, music, sports, and the kind of stuff they do every day.

  My Time in West Africa
  Trust and Respect: My Time in West Africa
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Okonkwo's Ties to Family and Communtiy Late 19th Century Nigeria

Unit 7: Characterization and Cultural Motivations: Breaking Down Things Fall Apart
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Objective: SWBAT analyze family and community relationships in 19th century Nigeria by examining Okonkwo's connection to family and community in the first three chapters of Things Fall Apart.

Big Idea: Students investigate the complex relationship between father and son and father and son. Do we carry our father's burdens into our lives?

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