Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Revisiting the Lesson of the Moth - Section 3: TPCASTT


This lesson is a great example of how I (still!) occasionally misjudge assignments and have to do a "clean up" lesson after the fact.  Not to make excuses, but this tends to happen when we have a new twist in the curriculum or standards (a/k/a almost every year) and I develop a new way to teach or assess. 

Despite the fact that I have been out of high school for over five years, I think I sometimes forget that my students are 13, and I take for granted that they can do something that I ask them to do.  Identifying "shifts" is a prime example.  To my mind, when I was working with my team on the lesson, my students should be able to read and interpret a shift in poetry just by following the narrative and looking for changes.

Well, they couldn't -- at least, most of them couldn't.  But now that I told them to look for "but," for example, they can do it now, and maybe they will be able to do it forever.

That's great, but these "back it up and try it again" moments are not my favorite ones.

  Carts before horses
  Adjustments to Practice: Carts before horses
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Revisiting the Lesson of the Moth

Unit 3: Flowers for Algernon
Lesson 7 of 7

Objective: SWBAT use the TPCASTT strategy to guide and improve their approach to poetry.

Big Idea: Hard work (poetry) requires good tools (TPCASTT.)

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