Reflection: Student Self-Assessment Africa: Accessing Prior Knowledge to Prepare for Analyzing Things Fall Apart - Section 2: Let's Get Started: A Quick Review of Symbol In "Her Three Days"


I am so frustrated with my students inability to write a coherent paragraph that analyzes the function of a literary element in a text. The student's  first attempt did not demonstrate that she even understood the directions. Even after getting excellent feedback from her partner her revision shows very little improvement.  I am trying to decide if the students need more practice or if I need to figure out a different way to teach this standard.  I have used this format for the past several years to teaching basic analysis of literary elements.  I have never had a group of students struggle this much with this activity. 

Also a note on this section.  It should have been an activity for the previous class. However we spent all but the last seven minutes of class outside because of a potential gas leak.  We are both wrapping up and starting a new unit today. 

  Student Self-Assessment: Why don't they get it?
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Africa: Accessing Prior Knowledge to Prepare for Analyzing Things Fall Apart

Unit 7: Characterization and Cultural Motivations: Breaking Down Things Fall Apart
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Objective: SWBAT discuss and share knowledge about the countries, people, and history of Africa by accessing prior knowledge and searching the internet to validate their findings.

Big Idea: How many countries in Africa? Languages spoken? Religion? Famous writers, musicians, athletes? What do you know about Africa?

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