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Anytime I ask students to share, I work on prompting them to go deeper into their thinking.  I have always thought that working with students to explain their thinking and then asking them to figure out the next small step is best practice.  This belief is reinforced and expanded in the 8 Mathematical Practices of the Common Core. 

The student in the mini lesson clip, and in the others, construct their thinking and are able to work with my questioning.  This pushes them deeper into conceptual understanding and will inevitably cause them to apply concepts more readily.

Make sure to train your class for this kind of discourse.  Talking moves, safety, the joy of learning, and risk-taking are all necessary for the discourse to be authentic. It takes courage and support to struggle with thinking publicly, but it also moves students further than anything else. 

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I Want Some Candy! A Journaling Assessment

Unit 6: Unit Fractions
Lesson 9 of 13

Objective: Students will define equal fractions while using accurate vocabulary terms.

Big Idea: Students must acquire an ability to explain their thinking using accurate vocabulary words. Journal entries are a perfect venue for this learning.

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Math, Vocabulary and Concept Development, Fractions, Number Sense and Operations, multiples, word problems, math models, math talk, math journaling, unit fractions, fractions in real life, Critical Area
  40 minutes
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