Reflection: Student Ownership Literary Analysis Essay, Day One - Section 3: Outlining


I observed an interesting development as students worked on their outlines. While they did collaborate, they rarely used the same texts as others around them. In fact, they made it their goal NOT to repeat. Some stuck students didn't even want to use Pursuit of Happyness because "everyone else is."

To me, this seemed to be a reflection of true engagement. Students wanted their work to be unique to them and worked to make it happen.

  Unique Choices
  Student Ownership: Unique Choices
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Literary Analysis Essay, Day One

Unit 9: Expository Writing
Lesson 13 of 21

Objective: SWBAT incorporate and analyze textual evidence by writing a literary expository essay.

Big Idea: What do Katy Perry, Chris Gardner, and Michael Oher have in common? Their stories include Transcendentalism! Writing a literary analysis expository essay.

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