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Students with specific learning disabilities can already have some very negative feelings toward writing. This activity can take away some of the fear by allowing for choice. For these learners I make sure that they put their work to paper so that are not always just working on their ideas. They have this paper as reference to choose from later on.

By brainstorming their ideas, students can see that they are not limited to one thing. I have found that the heart and circle help these writers organize different thoughts into special categories. This limits the frustration and gives them a structure for success.

If writing still feels too much I allow some students to draw pictures on their paper. I do ask them to label their picture with at least one word to remind them of their idea. I tell them that they are creating a diagram not just pictures. It is also wise to tell them that these pictures are not an illustration but pictures for notes. So they need to draw they quickly and not spend too much time on just one.

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HMMM, What to Write? How to help students choose what to write about

Unit 4: Writing
Lesson 2 of 2

Objective: SWBAT choose a topic to write about that interests them and is an example of various writing examples.

Big Idea: Students are often told what to write about,but struggle with choosing a topic of their own. Students need to be able to formulate an idea on their own without direction. They need to learn to drive their thoughts and add their thinking to paper.

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