Reflection: Complex Tasks You Can Be A Poet- Don't You Know It - Section 2: Guiding the Learning


This year I wanted to take the time to break down the unit into smaller components and to give students more practice with writing simpler lessons before I exposed them to defining poems. These lessons gave them the chance to get more acquainted with metaphors and comparisons made in poetry before they have to evaluate how "good" authors use them in their writing.

The supported approach also gave me a way to assess the writing abilities of my students. Some really couldn't rhyme well! These may be the ones who I need to watch to make sure they can think more figuratively rather than literally when they read the poems.    

  scaffolding the learning
  Complex Tasks: Scaffolding the Learning
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You Can Be A Poet- Don't You Know It

Unit 16: Poems Everyone can TRY
Lesson 2 of 12

Objective: SWBAT...outline and create metaphor poems that describe a topic word using figurative language.

Big Idea: Poetry is using words to paint a picture in the readers mind. We are all poets who can create word pictures with our writing.

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