Reflection: Safety Mirror, Mirror: Using class video footage to establish norms - Section 2: Video Elicitation


It was pretty exciting to see that the students are invested in our classroom culture and take our work seriously.  See the attached pic from our discussion of classroom norms, in which we see the students' interest in fun and support as well as an acknowledgement that we have high goals and aims. 

  Safety: Our short list of discussion norms (at mid-year!)
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Mirror, Mirror: Using class video footage to establish norms

Unit 7: Amazing Afghanistan: PBL, Inquiry-Based Investigation into The Kite Runner
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Objective: SWBAT engage in class discussion meaningfully by analyzing and commenting on video footage of a discussion from first semester. In this way, we will firm up our classroom norms for second semester.

Big Idea: Students need to know the norms and live the norms--then the discussions will ROCK!

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