Reflection: Student Led Inquiry To Multiply Me is to Divide Me - Section 3: Solving Multiplication Equations


During this part of the lesson, I really wanted to focus on getting the students to understand why division would undo the multiplication.  I wanted them to realize that the identity property of multiplication was at work here and this time, in order to "cancel" out , we had to get to the number one because one times a number gives me the number back.


So, when I introduced the first problem, I stopped my work after I divided by 8 on both sides and said "why does the division of 8 get out variable by itself?"  I posed the question and gave them some think time.  Then I opened up the floor to their thoughts.  During this time, I entertained most thoughts.  In order to focus their thinking and understanding, I asked them about addition and subtractin equations.  I asked "how did we know we had the variable by itself"?  Soon they came up with the identity property as an explanation.  As students worked out the problem, it was great to hear them using the identity property as part of their justification. 



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To Multiply Me is to Divide Me

Unit 7: Equations
Lesson 4 of 14

Objective: SWBAT solve multiplication equations by using the appropriate steps.

Big Idea: Solving equations supports algebraic thinking which is needed for high school and beyond.

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Math, Algebra, multiplication equations, equation
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