Reflection: Checks for Understanding Formulating and Defending Opinions: Determining Grammy's Best and Worst Dressed - Section 4: Review Homework + Warmup


"To make a judgment, you must have an opinion. To have an opinion, you must have a belief."

                           ---Ms Fletcher's First Block Class, PULSE High School, 2/12/14

I saw the need for my class and I to develop a maxim based on today's lesson which will establishes our beliefs as a learning community, and as we discover new things about ourselves. The Class Maxim shows our thought process as a class during our share.

This activity did not turn out as I expected initially because my students were not sure how to form an opinion about their feelings. They could easily determine which outfits in their opinion were wack, but they couldn't articulate why they felt these outfits were wack.

This became increasingly challenging since some students did not complete the homework assignment. So, I had to adapt the lesson so that they could could complete the homework prior to the Warmup. This is Journal Entry Response from a student completed prior to the Warmup.

To salvage the moment, I took the time to explain the dress code of the Grammy's as well as to look at the link between judgment and opinion. In the process, we created the maxim noted above. Then, I had them share out their thoughts so that we could create a criteria for evaluating the best or worst outfit as a class.

This meant I had to change the format of the lesson to include the following:

Review Homework + Warmup (25 minutes)

Share + Engagement: Students share their opinions about the best/worst outfit. Teacher elicit student responses and charts their ideas focusing on identifying the beliefs in their opinions. I have included student work for you see the results (20-25 minutes)

Application: Students used the criteria they created as a class to write a critique (paragraph) of the outfit they selected for the Best/Worst Grammy Outfit. (25 minutes)

Closure: Check your written critique to see if it includes 1-2 sentences about each criteria. (5 minutes)

  Checks for Understanding: Developing Beliefs + On-the-Spot Changes
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Formulating and Defending Opinions: Determining Grammy's Best and Worst Dressed

Unit 2: Poetry Analysis
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Objective: SWBAT develop a criteria for evaluating a Grammy Outfit by exploring the beliefs embedded in their judgments.

Big Idea: To support your point of view, you must have reasons and evidence (facts, details and information); to understand another person's point of view, you must be able to identify the reasons and evidence he/she provides.

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