Reflection: Student Grouping Editing With Purpose and With Peers - Section 3: Peer Editing


I change my strategies on peer editing often. Sometimes we work in big groups and each reader looks for one element of the writing on each essay; sometimes we work in pairs and focus on one paper. I try to switch it up because peer editing can fail miserably. Therefore I won't let them fall into a routine; I want to keep them thinking and challenged. Students are still learning how to write and often they do not know what to look for when they read someone else's writing, which means that they need clear and focused directions.

The directions for today were a bit different because we weren't evaluating an analytical essay, yet the editors still needed to maintain a critical eye. I asked students to work with someone who hadn't read or heard about their story yet, so that they had a fresh perspective coming into the conversation. The questions seemed to help focus them and provide helpful feedback. 

While the students worked together, I tried to think about groupings for tomorrow's class. We are going to read in four groups and I want to arrange the groups so that they are listening to stories they haven't heard before. Up until now, students have mostly shared with their neighbors and closest friends in the class; I already know who those people are. I watched today to see with whom they chose to share and have done my best to make four groups consisting of students who wrote about different topics and who don't normally work together. 

  Focusing the Peer Editing Practice
  Student Grouping: Focusing the Peer Editing Practice
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Editing With Purpose and With Peers

Unit 20: Serial Writing
Lesson 2 of 4

Objective: SWBAT develop and strengthen writing as needed by revising, editing, and rewriting by working both independently and with peers on a serial narrative.

Big Idea: We are going to share these stories collectively. Today's class prepares us for that exciting, but nerve-wracking, activity.

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