Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Teacher Conferences and Writing Our Good Copies - Section 3: Peer Editing and Conferencing


Oh my gosh was this challenging for me.  After meeting with students I realized there were about 5 students who had "fallen through the cracks".  As I was reading their papers I realized that they had been picking details from anywhere and everywhere on their tree map.  Because they did this, their whole paper was totally disorganized. Even though I was walking around the room, I didn't catch my students doing this.  As a result, I made my students do their flow maps all over again.  I brought those 5 to the back table and I retaught how to take their fragments from the correct column on the tree map and write them in their flow map. I also had to work with a student who was having trouble turning a fragment into a complete sentence.  Besides this, I had several students who had been absent  and I had to help them catch up.  There would be no way I could send the writing work home, because parents wouldn't understand the flow map.

I brought this concern to our grade level Professional Learning Community (PLC) that we have each week.  My principal had noticed that this was a concern throughout the grade levels.  She is going to send some of our teacher aides to come in to the classroom as we are drafting our stories on the flow map and also to do some conferencing and editing.  This will help catch those kids who might be writing facts haphazardly and not paying attention to the main idea and details in each section of the story.  Those 5 students are also in my mind, and the next time we write on our flow map, I am going to pull those 5 students and have them  near me in a small group so I can catch any of their mistakes quickly.

If you are lucky enough to have aides or parent volunteers to help out in your classroom to make sure all students are on track, take advantage! Most 1st grade classrooms are just too large for us, as just one teacher, to get to everyone consistently, and first graders need a lot of 1:1 support in writing. If you don't have this luxury, try to set up a system in your classroom where you can try to check in with each child at least once a week, if only for a few minutes.

  How to Monitor All of My Students' Progress?
  Adjustments to Practice: How to Monitor All of My Students' Progress?
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Teacher Conferences and Writing Our Good Copies

Unit 4: Analyzing Author's Craft and Expository Writing on Crabs
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Objective: SWBAT take and implement feedback from the teacher in order to improve their writing.

Big Idea: We are almost finished. Today the student and teacher will conference and the student will improve their work when making a final product.

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