Reflection: Accountability Critical Responses to Writing - Section 2: Reflecting on Our Writing


I made all students do a reflection sheet, even if they didn't turn in a final draft. To those students, I asked them to either grade themselves on what they did accomplish or reflect on why their final piece didn't get turned in.

Their responses were interesting. I had a few who just admitted to never trying, but I had a few who told me about their rough draft and laid out a plan for getting their final draft turned in late. For those who gave up, many claimed it was the Dickensian style that intimidated them. I suggested that they write me a narrative--any narrative--so that I can grade them on the standards and see how well they write narrative if nothing else.

These students were pretty annoyed with having to write a reflection on something they never did, but I think it is important for them to feel a little bit of guilt and accountability for not getting things done. The bonus is that I also have their reflections to use during parent/teacher conferences next week in case parents are wondering why their grades are currently so low.

  What to do With Students Who Didn't Finish Their Writing
  Accountability: What to do With Students Who Didn't Finish Their Writing
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Critical Responses to Writing

Unit 10: Narrative Writing: Creating, Revising and Publishing Narrative
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Objective: SWBAT reflect on their ability to write narratives using effective technique, well-chosen details and well-structured events by reviewing and commenting on their final drafts.

Big Idea: The standards ask students to think critically about their writing. What better way to help them do this than providing time for authentic reflection.

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