Reflection: Student Ownership Discovering Similar Triangles - Section 4: Activity/Homework and Exit Ticket


In today's lesson, we worked on the activity and then had time left after cleaning up.  Instead of projecting the exit ticket that I had planned I asked two of my "high-flying" students to write their own exit ticket about similar triangles. 

These two students loved writing the question, and also were excited to check their peers work and then explain their work to the entire class.  I found that the question related to what we did and was on target with reviewing prior knowledge relating to similar triangles.

This photo shows R and M's exit ticket.   

  Student Ownership: Students Creating Exit Tickets
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Discovering Similar Triangles

Unit 10: Sweet Similar Shapes
Lesson 1 of 8

Objective: SWBAT identify and determine key properties of similar figures

Big Idea: Completing a hands-on activity, students will cut, categorize and discover properties of similar triangles.

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