Reflection: Lesson Planning Rounding to the Ten's Place - Section 3: Finding the Halfway Number


I observed students during the pre-assessment and realized that my plan to move straight into the activity on rounding needed to be modified.  They needed a review of the basic strategies:  finding the closest two tens/hundreds.  Most of them could round to the closest ten if the numbers were small but couldn't transfer that to larger numbers and the mistakes they DID make and the answer they gave to a written response question demonstrated that many of them had memorized the "trick" w/out understanding what it meant.  The quick scan of their work I was able to do while the 1st half of the class was finishing the pre-assessment also revealed that just barely more than half of them had any idea about rounding to the closest hundred.  After 20 minutes I collected the assessment even if they weren't done because that was enough time for me to obtain the information I needed for restructuring the lesson plan.  The restructured plan is what is posted here.  The more experienced I am, the better I have become at adjusting a lesson midstream.  A successful lesson plan isn't one that can always be followed the same way, it is one that has room for adaptation and is supported by thoughtful planning  so that I know where to head if I have to build in a reteaching segment or an enrichment segment on the spot.  

  Deviating from the Original Lesson Plan
  Lesson Planning: Deviating from the Original Lesson Plan
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Rounding to the Ten's Place

Unit 7: Rounding
Lesson 1 of 7

Objective: SWBAT round numbers to the closest 10 and explain the strategy.

Big Idea: Once students master the concept behind rounding to the closest ten they can apply it to all other rounding!

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