Reflection: Student Ownership Who Played Against Casey on That Fateful Night? - Section 1: Creating the Purpose


I wanted to continue this unit to address the students desire to read more on this subject. They really enjoyed the poem "Casey at the Bat" even though some did not play a sport to have the connection to the events. 

Thinking about CCSS emphasis on looking at events from various points of view it led me me on the search for a counter view point of the game. This proved to be a perfect poem because it takes an equally brutal outlook of Casey as he did of the pitcher on their team.

Students really enjoyed the debates this poem brought out and were able to step away from the perspectives of both to evaluate the more realistic view point of the game. Fun way to get them to think about what they read and why author's write!  

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  Student Ownership: Counter Points of View
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Who Played Against Casey on That Fateful Night?

Unit 16: Poems Everyone can TRY
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Objective: SWBAT...explain how a series of stanzas fits together to provide the opposing teams opinions of Casey in "Casey at the Bat: The Other Team's Point of View"

Big Idea: There are two sides to every story - depending upon who you talk to. It's fun to hear how the other side felt about the "Great Casey".

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