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I find in my classroom, the more I can do visually for the students, the quicker they are to grasp a concept and are able to visualize a concept later on.  

Using pizza slices may seem redundant, but the children already have a deep understanding of how pizzas are shared and can quickly relate.  This helps us just focus on the math concept, without having to create a new, common experience to draw from.

Whether you use pizza, a hershey bar, or something else all of your students can "see" without even seeing it in real life, use it.  It will help tremendously in their work to transfer the visualization of the object to visualizing the math concept. 

  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Visuals
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Add 'Em Up

Unit 6: Unit Fractions
Lesson 8 of 13

Objective: Students will be able to name fractions from the addition of unit fractions using fraction circles as tools.

Big Idea: Naming unit fractions is a start, but helping students visualize how they can be grouped together to make a larger part of a whole is the focus of today's lesson.

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Math, Fractions, Number Sense and Operations, unit fractions, fraction circles, Critical Area
  40 minutes
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