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The most exciting part of this lesson is, when my students figured out what a point was! I did not expect that they would be so eager to explain and explore everything in the class that had a point.  As students explored, I suggested they find lines, midpoints, endpoints, and segments. They pointed to the squares in the floor, the squares on the wall, the corners of their desks... Some students decided to measure the lines to determine where the endpoints were. 

  What I found out!
  Journaling: What I found out!
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What's The Point!

Unit 6: The Road to Angles, Points, and Turns!
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Objective: SWBAT identify and analyze the relationships between and among points, angles, and rays.

Big Idea: Students always ask what's the point! After discussing the relationship among points, students will use what the know to identify the given point.

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what is the point
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