Reflection: Joy Introducing and Identifying Irony - Section 1: Introduction & Welcome: It's Umbrella Day!


Although fewer students "got" today's Mindbender than last time, there is still a drive in the class to succeed on these. A few kids were shocked with themselves, and proud, when they found out they got the answer correct. These little moments of pride and joy really build the community in the classroom. 

The answer is "dozens." If you drop the "s", one letter of the six in the word, you are left with the word "dozen," an amount of twelve. 

  Brain Teasers and Kick-starting Mondays.
  Joy: Brain Teasers and Kick-starting Mondays.
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Introducing and Identifying Irony

Unit 11: Literacy: What's Your (Local) Color? Regionalism in the American Short Story
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Objective: SWBAT begin analyze Mark Twain's use of irony--distinguishing what is directly stated in a text from what is really meant--by defining and brainstorming examples of irony in other works.

Big Idea: Isn't it ironic? Or is it? We'll be defining and identifying irony in class today.

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