Reflection: Vertical Alignment Awesome Angles (Classifying Angles) - Section 3: Independent Practice


This lesson is very much a review lesson, which was made to align what students remembered from last year into what's expected this year. I needed my students to feel successful in order for them to "buy into" this Geometry unit. My students were very successful with this lesson, and I know that I can now move forward with more challenging tasks. In order to increase students' participation and retention, I also utilized the SmartBoard and allowed students to manipulates shapes into appropriate categories.

  Starting with Success
  Vertical Alignment: Starting with Success
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Awesome Angles (Classifying Angles)

Unit 3: Geometry
Lesson 2 of 8

Objective: SWBAT classify angles based on properties.

Big Idea: What type of angles can you find on this adventure?

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