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In the first version of this lesson, I demonstrated dividing my 8" paper into 4 equal sized parts by using a ruler to mark a point at 4" on the top and bottom of the page. Rotating the paper 90 degrees and marking at 4" on top and bottom.  Then I used my ruler as a straight edge and connected the marks on opposite sides, to make a + sign.  My next direction was to now divide the 4 equal sized parts in half my using a ruler and measuring and marking top and bottom, then rotating, and marking at the half way mark on top and bottom and connecting with a straight edge.  My goal was for the students to s divide 4 equal sized squares in half and in half again  to create 16 equal sized squares.

I had a few students who really struggled with dividing their paper up using a ruler.  They wanted to fold it.

What I learned from this is I needed to explicitly teach 3 things:

*A ruler can be used to measure using the numbers and slashes on the edge.

*A ruler can be used as a straight edge to draw a straight line- (don't need to use numbers or slashes)

*A ruler can be used to draw a perpendicular line- in this task it is important to have the ruler aligned with your precisely measured marks and hold the ruler in place and perpendicular to the paper.


  Real World Applications: Using Tools, Developing Visual-Spatial Awarenss
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Flying Away Home

Unit 7: Historical Fiction- Slavery and the Civil War
Lesson 12 of 15

Objective: SWBAT improve their knowledge of fractions and geometry to create a quilt square to enhance reading comprehension.

Big Idea: Students learn to appropriately use a ruler for two different purposes: 1. A precise measuring tool. 2. A straight edge to draw perpendicular lines.

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