Reflection: Checks for Understanding "Daybreak in Alabama:" Students Identify Figurative Language and Interpret Themes - Section 3: Student Learning Activity


I chose this piece of student work to illustrate how she used colored pens to annotate her poem, and I thought "What a good idea!"  Even though it is not complete, this student demonstrated a clear understanding of when and how the author uses figurative language to bring emotion to his poem, which gets at the goal of this lesson -- identifying and interpreting figurative langauge. I think I may invest in some colored pens if it will help them organize their visual thoughts on paper.  Have you ever used color in this way and if so what where the results?

  Annotation in Living Color
  Checks for Understanding: Annotation in Living Color
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"Daybreak in Alabama:" Students Identify Figurative Language and Interpret Themes

Unit 2: An Introduction to Harlem Renaissance Writers: Critical and Creative Reading and Writing
Lesson 5 of 9

Objective: SWBAT identify figurative language and interpret themes of a poem by using a TP-CASTT organizer to identify supporting evidence from the text.

Big Idea: How can the TP-CASTT template help students move from identification to interpretation of figurative language and theme in a poem?

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