Reflection: Lesson Planning "You Should be Women": Bearded Rhetoric in Macbeth's Weird Sisters - Section 2: The Shape of Beards to Come: Student Meet and Collaborate.


I teach in a trimester-based district. Each period is 75 minutes long. This makes for some challenges in terms of lesson planning and sharing lessons. This lesson is a good example of that. 

Teachers viewing this lesson should pay less attention to the time frame than to the lesson components. For example, if a teacher teaches in a traditional 55 minute class format, the lesson is one that works in that format by simply dividing it into two lessons: 

  • Bearded Women one day, and
  • I-Search a second day.

This division also gives a teacher time to have students work on the I-Search before moving on to another part of the play. 

The trimester system compresses everything. I almost always feel a bit rushed, as I'm sure my students do, too. 

However, the time-frame one teacher must teach within is typically among the most malleable for other teachers to modify. 

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"You Should be Women": Bearded Rhetoric in Macbeth's Weird Sisters

Unit 8: Oh, Horror! Horror! Horror! "The Tragedy of Macbeth"
Lesson 4 of 13

Objective: SWBAT synthesize the various Jacobian perceptions of beards in "Macbeth."

Big Idea: "Beards forbid me to interpret" a single story.

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