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It is not necessary to do these types of discussions digitally. Please do not let that hold you back from doing this.  I choose to do this because I have the technology available, it allows me to monitor many discussions at once and give feedback on the page, and students communicate this way in the real world therefore I'm meeting them where they are.

Instead of online, discussions could be on paper.  Before I have this type of technology I had students write their discussions on paper and -like passing notes -pass it back and forth. Essentially you are making "passing notes" okay and their learning -win/win!

Their is so much value in having students write their thinking down. I'll be doing this much more, so see future lessons for more insight.

  What if I do not have access to technology for the Digital Discussion?
  Lesson Planning: What if I do not have access to technology for the Digital Discussion?
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What do you think?

Unit 9: Argument - Part 1
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Objective: SWBAT practice establishing an opinion and claim.

Big Idea: Don't Be a Lemming...

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