Reflection: Flexibility Should Your School Get Rid of Sports? - Section 3: Wrap Up


Something unexpected came out of this lesson...I had not planned it, but my students learned a bit about the value of being open minded.  The value of listening to another's argument without prior judgment.

This occurred because as we were reading and discussing this piece, my athletic students closed their mind and missed important information. For example, they thought the writer was completely anti-sports instead of seeing that her claim was that we need to cut back NOT cut out.  They also did not consider that if the school in the story had to close students would be separated from friends.

My school is an independent in an area where three counties meet.  I used this as an example.  I had students go to separate areas of the room based on what county they live in.  Then, I explained that if our school closed as the one is the story almost did, they would be bused to he school in their own county. Hence, they would be serrated.  This changed their thinking.  

  Open Mindedness in Argument
  Flexibility: Open Mindedness in Argument
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Should Your School Get Rid of Sports?

Unit 9: Argument - Part 1
Lesson 2 of 15

Objective: SWBAT trace the argument in two pieces of text arguing opposite sides of the same issue.

Big Idea: Controversy here we come...

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