Reflection: Discourse and Questioning Mathematics and Literature - Section 3: Closing


You may notice in this sharing that I prompt students to notice more.  I am not trying to teach any specific math skill, but I am pushing them to think mathematically.  Looking for patterns, investigating how the words, pictures, and patterns might teach something, will become a more developed skill later.  Today's task helps set the stage, and opens up the math box in our classroom library.  The students love this "free time", as they call it.  Remember: go slow to go fast.

  Literature Works
  Discourse and Questioning: Literature Works
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Mathematics and Literature

Unit 1: Developing Mathematical Practices
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Objective: Students will be able to discuss the math they "see" in a piece of literature.

Big Idea: Students love to talk about what they read. Use literature to begin growing mathematical thinkers and communicators.

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Math, Classroom Culture and Climate, Reading Across the Curriculum, Real World Math, joy, student ownership, Literacy in Math
  35 minutes
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