Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Speaking and Listening: Collaborative Conversations - Section 4: Collaborative Activity


I have taught this lesson for several years, but this year I chose to teach it differently in light of the new CCSS.  This year I am focusing on more collaboration activities to help my students learn to communicate and develop a finished project together.  This is new for me because in the past about the only projects my students worked on together would be the occasional art project or reader's theater.  I am finding that my students enjoy working together and are motivated to finish the activity.  I have also observed that by working in a collaborative group first helps my less confident students complete, or make an effort to, complete their independent work.


  New Focus: Daily Collaboration Activities
  Adjustments to Practice: New Focus: Daily Collaboration Activities
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Speaking and Listening: Collaborative Conversations

Unit 5: Listening and Speaking
Lesson 3 of 5

Objective: SWBAT describe a character from the reading with relevant details.

Big Idea: Your children will gain practice recalling details from what they read in the text.

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