Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Rosie's Preposition Obstacle Course - Section 2: Procedure


When I was doing my initial trial of the obstacle course, which you see in the video clip, I did not follow the story exactly.  I wanted to see if the boys who were being filmed would follow my directions as to how they should move their bodies through the course.  I did not have my detailed plan with me, so I was "winging" it.  The children are familiar with the activity stations in the Motor Room, so I wanted to see if the boys could listen and adapt to the new method of using the equipment before I shared the room with the whole class.  As you can see in the video clip, they handled themselves well.

  Close, But Not Exactly the Same
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Close, But Not Exactly the Same
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Rosie's Preposition Obstacle Course

Unit 11: Small Group Lessons with Big Impact!
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Objective: SWBAT show their understanding of the events of the story by following an obstacle course. SWBAT write a different event and outcome to the story. Student Observation: I can use my body to retell the story. I can tell about a different way the fox tries to stop Rosie the Hen.

Big Idea: Students can increase their comprehension by using different modalities of learning.

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