Reflection: Checks for Understanding Equal Groups: How Many Stars In The Sky? - Section 3: Try It On Your Own


When students had determined their own strategy for creating equal groups, I used this time for observational assessments.  What I noted included some students just looking at their pile of stars unsorted and needing some prompting on where and how to begin.  I questioned them with, "What if these stars were candies or stickers and how would you share them with everyone at your table?"  By providing a context of a beginning start to the number of groups, the students were able to start creating equal groups.  It seemed as though they were stuck on how many groups to begin the task, and thinking ahead to what if they did not come out equal.  

Because I had chosen to use a number of stars with multiple possibilities for equal groups, I did not expect this hesitation by the students.  This check for understanding and observational assessment helped me realize that some of my students needed extra support at this time with multiplication skills and concepts. 

  Checking For Understanding
  Checks for Understanding: Checking For Understanding
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Equal Groups: How Many Stars In The Sky?

Unit 6: Multiplication 2
Lesson 5 of 13

Objective: SWBAT model equal groups for multiplication.

Big Idea: Students develop their understanding of multiplication by grouping objects into equal groups to model the factors and products.

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Math, commutative property of multiplication, Critical Area, word problems, multiplication, multiplication models, area model
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