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I want students to address this CCSS standard with higher order reasoning to determine what sentences fit into what category in the setting. When I see a student underlinging a sentence or better yet, parts of a sentence in more than one color I know that this student has thought through the possibilities. For example a sentence stating that Breezes full of ripe summer fragrance ... can be identified as an environment (breezes, fragrance ) but also a time component (summer).

On the flip side, be careful of those students who underline everything in every sentence - lack of differentiating can signal a lower comprehension due to inability to pick out the details that make the story excerpt effective. I stress key words not key sentences!

  student reasoning for deeper responses
  High Expectations: student reasoning for deeper responses
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Setting the Setting for your Writing

Unit 5: Writing Narrative Stories to Entertain Your Readers
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Objective: SWBAT...evaluate and identify the four parts found in strong settings by reading and annotating an excerpt from Avi by Poppy.

Big Idea: The setting offers readers a flashback into the background of a story. We can learn from others writing by identifying the parts of a good setting.

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English / Language Arts, setting (Creative Writing), Drawing, narrative structure, group discussion / problem solving with supported inferences
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