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I've been enjoying reading students' quickwrites and using them as a formative assessment.  It can be a quick (quickwrite!) way to see if students are grasping concepts.  They can also be longer to allow students to grapple with big issues and concepts. 

I love how natural they have become to both my students and me.  They're using the T3C paragraph format that we use every day at my school to guide the organization of their writing, which means I can use it as a formative assessment for two things--the concepts that I'm teaching and how their writing skills are progressing.  One assignment to measure two things?  Yes, please.

  Quickwrites as a Formative Assessment
  Checks for Understanding: Quickwrites as a Formative Assessment
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Annotating Craft and Structure (Last Day)

Unit 8: Analyzing Ballads, Sonnets, and Popular Music
Lesson 12 of 14

Objective: Students will be able to analyze the craft and structure of a poem of a poem by annotating figurative language, repetitions of sound, rhythm, and rhyme scheme.

Big Idea: The relevance of poetry is found by finding poetic devices and figurative language in the music students listen to everyday.

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