Reflection: Student Grouping Putting it All Together on the Third Draft - Section 3: Independent Practice


Although I have partner work in almost all of lessons, some days I do not get to it. It it usually because I want to give students more time to work independently and quietly.

I need to always remember as a teacher that partner work is so important to student learning. It is a way for them to process their work orally and it is an assessment for me as I listen in. Additionally, it is a time for them to receive feedback from their peers instead of from an adult (me) during a conference. 

  The importance of partner work
  Student Grouping: The importance of partner work
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Putting it All Together on the Third Draft

Unit 9: Drafting, Finalizing and Celebrating Our Persuasive Essays
Lesson 11 of 15

Objective: SWBAT write a third draft based on teacher feedback of their other two drafts.

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