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I should know by now that when I'm asking questions and using the presentations as teaching tools, they are going to take longer.  I can't resist adding a 'little extra.'  So it was with these presentations.  Part of the reason was that the students also seemed to start getting the subtleties, and how little things were working together in the text.  They really hit their stride with an Absolut ad that the was connected enough to their own world and had enough going on that they were able to look at the deeper narrative (a photo of this ad is included in the section resources).  It seemed that looking for a narrative in the piece really helped get them started--they had no trouble immediately stating "the story" for most of the ads, and this itself kick-started them into seeing how it was built through interaction of elements.  Since the discussions were productive, I went with them, and they ended up taking most of the period, so the writing component became homework.

Clearly next year I will add the narrative idea in the initial models and instruction for analyzing print ads--looking at that was a trigger to establish persona, purpose, audience, etc., for the students--something I clearly was doing unconsciously.

  As Usual, Presentations Went Longer
  Student Feedback: As Usual, Presentations Went Longer
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Print Ad Analysis Day 3: Presentations and Assessment

Unit 2: Understanding Rhetoric
Lesson 9 of 13

Objective: SWBAT connect visual and text data from a print ad to establish rhetorical situation and strategies by collaboratively analyzing a print advertisement.

Big Idea: In print ads the rhetoric is sneaky, but still has a story to tell.

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Presentation Skills, English / Language Arts, Reading, Comprehension (Reading), advertising, rhetorical strategy, rhetorical analysis
  70 minutes
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