Reflection: Student Feedback Finding Arrays In An Irregular Polygon - Section 3: Try It On Your Own


Because the students selected their own partners today, they were working in mixed abilities pairs.  Each pair required different levels of support and challenges, and it was through the conferences with each pair I determined the type of feedback that was appropriate for them.  I specifically keep my conferences brief and usually less than 1 minute.  I have found this type of feedback is more effective with students because they can apply it to their work.  When I give more information in feedback, I have found my students may leave out or forget key information that may hinder their success.  

The conferences allow for privacy for those students that require more support and modifications at their learning level.  It also provides me to acknowledge success for students who solve more quickly, and then extend their learning by asking them to see if they can come up with an alternate solution.  During this lesson, the students were not able to successfully come up with another solution.  Other students helped provide strategy "clues" to help peers solve and identify errors made in computations. 

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Finding Arrays In An Irregular Polygon

Unit 3: Measurement
Lesson 8 of 13

Objective: SWBAT decompose an irregular polygon into arrays to find the area.

Big Idea: Context is developed for students when finding the area of a complex figure by decomposing it into separate arrays and relating it to a real world image and setting.

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