Reflection: Routines and Procedures F451 Reading Assignment 2: Day 3 - Section 2: Independent Practice


I have found that the sitting with the students and reading along in the story with them provides reinforcement and accountability. When I sit down with students, I ask them to tell me what page they are currently on. I have read the novel before many times, so I am able to jump in and read along. I normally start a page or two behind as I am a relatively fast reader, and it gives me an opportunity to recall specific details and make connections. I try to be sure to engage the students whenever possible to point things out and/or to ask their opinions about content. For instance, if the students are at a specific point in the novel where key events are taking place, or there is something occurring in the novel that supports a theme, I will ask them what they thought about it, what stood out to them, or if they believe it was good support for a theme or claim. I like to do this to support the students developing the skill of analyzing as they are reading, not just doing so after they read. I have found that many students are reading to get through it and then will do the real thinking afterwards, so I find this process to be a very important one. 

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F451 Reading Assignment 2: Day 3

Unit 5: Fahrenheit 451 - Novel Study
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Objective: Students will apply language and reading comprehension skills as they read each section of the novel, while continuing to build upon current skill set and abilities.

Big Idea: Conformity Versus Individuality

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English / Language Arts, theme (Reading Comp), Reading, fahrenheit 451, bradbury, individuality, anticipation
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