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The students in room 14 have participated in systematic work work using the differentiated curriculum "Words Their Way.  See previous lessons.  While meeting with a small group of students to check their understanding of the "Who Went Where When" lesson, I reinforce the concept of CVCC and CVCV and the sound that the vowel makes with one student.  

I look for opportunities to reinforce and help students connect what they are learning in other parts of the literacy block to reading and writing.  Students are learning to bring everything forward and to remember to apply what they are learning in word work while reading.  Students are developing neuropathways that are allowing them to read automatically, but there is a learning curve. Sometimes  they need to be reminded to analyze the letter patterns and think about how to pronounce a word in English.   

  ELL Students: Support for ELLs
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Structured Talk

Unit 7: Historical Fiction- Slavery and the Civil War
Lesson 4 of 15

Objective: SWBAT share their summary sentences based on their time line of the story with each other.

Big Idea: Build Structure! Build Success!

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