Reflection: Complex Tasks Define, Set, Go! - Section 2: Guided Practice


During today's Guided Notes, students struggled with Problem 7 and 8.  In Problem 7, the variables were defined differently then the structure the students were use to seeing, and in Problem 8, the variables represent money instead of number of bananas or apples.

The video below illustrates their struggles in further detail

  Overcoming obstacles on difficult problems
  Complex Tasks: Overcoming obstacles on difficult problems
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Define, Set, Go!

Unit 4: Systems of Equations
Lesson 8 of 14

Objective: SWBAT interpret a word problem, define variables and set up a system of equations. SWBAT solve the system using the linear combination method.

Big Idea: Students are exposed to importance of defining variables as an initial step in solving a linear system of equations.

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Math, Algebra, modeling, word problems, linear combination, guided practice, Graphic Organizer, systems of linear equations
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define set go
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