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Why do I give pretests??  I give pretests in every subject, every concept, every unit I teach.  I give pretests because I don't want my students to have to sit through instruction they don't need.  If I have the opportunity to ratchet up my instruction- a pretest will allow me to do that. If I have to begin at the third grade standard, the pretest will tell me that.  If I have a mixed group, I can design some interventions and independent study to meet all my students' needs. But, if I give a pretest and don't use it to adjust or help me to plan my instruction then it was a pointless task to give my students.  

Pretests should be used to plan instruction.  I can't plan any unit without seeing where to begin. So...... that is why I pretest!!

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Character Trait and Motivation Pretest

Unit 13: Let It Snow!! Analyzing Snowflake Bentley
Lesson 1 of 13

Objective: SWBAT identify character traits within themselves as well as a text's character and provide evidence to prove that the given trait is accurate.

Big Idea: Identifying a character's personality traits and motivations helps make deeper connections to a text thus improving comprehension.

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English / Language Arts, Writing, Reading, Poetry, character trait and motivation
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