Reflection: Student Ownership 10 More, 10 Less - Section 2: Whole Group Interaction


When I finished my class discussion and sent my students off to work I had one student approach me and ask if she could show me something on the chalkboard. Watch the student observation video and you will see our exchange. It really boiled down to she wanted to talk through her understandings with me to see if she was on the right track.  This is an amazing effort for a first grader to attempt metacognition. I could have easily told her to have seat and get started, and I am so glad I did not. I was able to see her thinking and support her in her thought processes. Always listen to your students - even if you think they are getting ready to lead you on a wild goose chase, they might surprise you.

  Student Ownership: She wanted to share!
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10 More, 10 Less

Unit 10: Place Value
Lesson 10 of 16

Objective: SWBAT use a strategy to add or subtract a ten within 100.

Big Idea: My class has been learning about place value and the meaning of tens and ones. This lesson will develop knowledge of adding or subtracting ten from a 2-digit number.

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Math, Place Value, counting, adding, tens, Tens and Ones
  40 minutes
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