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Book Clubs are an integral part of Reader’s Workshop in my classroom. Once I’ve assessed the students’ reading levels, I place them in groups with other students that are at similar levels. I give groups about 3 or 4 book choices and the group votes on the book they will read. Once they’ve chosen, I give them each their own copy to keep in a labeled gallon size Ziploc bag with a set of small sticky notes, a pencil, and their Book Club bookmark (see resource). Each Book Club group runs for a three week cycle. In the first week, students read the book at their own pace and keep track of their thinking with sticky notes. I expect them to add at least 3 sticky notes per day. I meet with students individually during the first week to monitor their progress, oral accuracy, and comprehension. The second week, students continue reading the book and we meet as a group for discussion and comprehension work. The sticky notes help the students remember the things they want to talk about and they help guide our discussion. During the third week of the cycle, students are expected to finish the book and work on a final project that represents any aspect of the book. They present their project to the class on Friday of the 3rd week, which is also when I collect their book and materials.


Since it’s hard to manage 5 groups at once, I stagger the book clubs so that each group is at a different stage and needs different things. For example, the red group would be on week 1 of the cycle, blue group on week 2, green group on week 3, and yellow and purple groups would not be in a book club at that time. Each week the rotation continues and each group would end up having 3 weeks on and 2 weeks off. 

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Metacognition: Tuning in to the little voice inside your head...while reading any books

Unit 1: Metacognition Unit
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Objective: SWBAT become aware of their own thinking when applied to any text

Big Idea: Understanding the act of thinking while reading any book

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