Reflection: Discourse and Questioning Who went where when? - Section 4: Book Club Discussions


I noticed as I listened in to the book club discussion on the book "Nettie Goes South"  that students were not yet discussing.  Rather they were quietly finishing their post-iting task of Who? Where? and When.

Today is the first day of book club talks, and I learned that students will greatly benefit from having  book club discussion roles and sentence stems to get students talking.  

Also, I am going to rethink my pacing, and give students more time to read and reflect on their reading via partnerships and assigned learning tasks.  I will not have all book clubs meet on the same day- but rather I will come up with a staggered schedule and maybe only have students meet once or twice a week.

I was talking with another fifth grade teacher and she has a mini-lesson on one day and the following day students rotate through three different centers or activities.  This made me realize that my students need more time to actually read- and I need time to pull small groups.

So right now I am not sure how I will redesign the workshop- but I am working on something that will work with my particular group of students.

Stay tuned!

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Who went where when?

Unit 7: Historical Fiction- Slavery and the Civil War
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Objective: SWBAT identify major characters, time period, and geographical region by finding clues in their story.

Big Idea: Focus on characters, geographical location and the historical time period.

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