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On the day that I planned on doing this lesson with my class, our school had a staff meeting and one of the topics of discussion was about bringing pets to school.  Up until this point, if we checked with parents about allergies and got the "all clear", we could have pets visit our classrooms.  We had even had "Bring Your Pet to School Day".  But, at this particular meeting, we were informed that this policy had been changed and we could no longer bring our dogs to school.  I made a quick phone call to my daughter to change the plans that I had for my lesson. In situations where a crucial part of your lesson falls through, it is helpful to be flexible and come up with a back-up plan.  The children did not know that I was planning on having my dog come to school, so they did not think anything of it when I plugged in my cell phone to my computer and showed photos of my dog, Logan.  We still had meaningful conversations and good descriptions of my dog for the lesson, and later, I was still able to take our class pet, Shelly the Turtle out of her tank to show the children a close-up view.

  Things can change on a dime!
  Flexibility: Things can change on a dime!
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Which Pet is Best?

Unit 5: Kids and Ezra Jack Keats
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Objective: SWBAT compare two different types of pets to determine which pet would be best for the them. Student Objective: I can choose a pet that would be best for me and tell why.

Big Idea: By looking at details about two topics, a student can formulate a plan to write about their opinion.

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